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Russian Great Danes kennel "iz Rossiiskoi Imperii"      
great danes
iz Rossiiskoi Imperii


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Iwan vom Allertal and Amadeus & Anastasija iz Rossiiskoi Imperii

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Coordinates of Great Dane kennels

 iz Rossiiskoi Imperii

The owner and  breeder Great Dane kennels
iz Rossiiskoi Imperii

It I, Galina Yarmolovich and my Great Daness - three-monthly Iwan vom Allertal and two-year-old Vial Arko Grian in August, 1995.
Galina G. Yarmolovich
143907, Balashikha, the Moscow area
phone - answering machine:
+7 495 529 54 91
mobile: +7 903 763 59 14


Co-owners of Great Dane kennels iz Rossiiskoi Imperii

Tatyana B. Tsynkoush and Great Danes "iz Rossiiskoi Imperii"Tatyana B. Tsynkoush

phones: +7 095 991 71 89, +7 095 440 52 22


Sergey P. Kiryanov, Chrysanthema and Iwan vom AllertalSergey P. Kiryanov

mobile: +7 916 580 21 62


About of Great Dane kennels iz Rossiiskoi Imperii

Wanda and Xarina vom Allertal. The original of a photo on www.deutsche-doggen-vom-allertal.de

Great Dane, without exaggeration, - one of the most popular breeds of dogs. And, unfortunately, this popularity uncorrectly is interpreted. Buyers not too trouble themselves with comparison of the family budget and additional clause of charges on so large and expensive breed in the maintenance, as a Great Dane. Factory owners, it is not enough not worrying about the future of the pupils, sell (and, even, distribute for nothing) puppies in the first got "kind hands". We – not from their number!

Our breeding Great Dane kennels iz Rossiiskoi Imperii has been registered in RKF/FCI in 1999. We - not the biggest kennel in the Russian Federation, but already recommending in quality of "the trade mark of the highest quality".

We provide complex service of owners, all-round aid in cultivation, education and training of puppies, veterinary service, exhibition training and handling, photographing, the help in purchase of forages for reduced prices, and, certainly, consultations at any time. And also we offer services on knocking over and correct statement of the stoped and not stoped ears.

As against the majority of nurseries where "quality passes in quantity", we do not suffer the "gigantism" generated at the majority of the Russian factory owners under influence of "the Chinese syndrome", a Great Dane treating the standard rather originally. As against the majority of nurseries, we do not aspire to receive dogs of modern type with hypertrophied rasse-attributes, certainly, beautiful at a sight of the simple inhabitant, but, as a rule, not capable to free moving to space without an invalid carriage. We, first of all, aspire to receive healthy posterity, free from genetic defects.

In Great Dane kennels iz Rossiiskoi Imperii we conduct serious breeding work. Amount of registration of puppies – not our purpose. Our purpose – the Great Dane possessing classical ex-terriers, the correct device of movements, a sound health and, the most important, capable to live the maximal term, released to him the nature.

Basis of breeding group of kennel iz Rossiiskoi Imperii make bitches, imported of the most safe on health and longevity of nurseries of Germany (the country - ancestor and the legislator of breed the German mastiff) and bitches, received from is viscous with German manufacturers.

At drawing up of breeding pair we are guided not only (and not so much) by presence at a dog of titles, but also on his health, and also, on health and longevity of other dogs of this blood line. We want, that our Great Danes remained with you as it is possible longer!

Амадеус из Российской Империи - немецкий дог тигрового окраса
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